JIS SM490A plates 1500 tons exported to Dubai

JIS SM490A plates, S500Q is a structural steel with elevation strength, which is widely used in engineering machinery, mining machinery, coal mine machinery, etc.S500Q delivery status: quenching + temperingS500Q quality grade is divided into three levels:S500Q, impact temperature is -20℃.S500QL, impact temperature is -40℃.S500QL1, impact temperature is -60℃.

When cutting and punching a part, the dimensional tolerance shall not be greater than 10% of the JIS SM490A plates thickness of the part. If burr occurs, the limit height shall not be greater than 0.3mm. If the part is drawn from steel sheet, some other changes may be made to ensure the basic size, but if the surface affects the assembly, it should be repaired flat. After the steel plate is installed, it should be cleaned. Before installing the steel bar, it should not pile up heavy objects on it.

Inspection index of steel plate blanking hot cutting parts:1. After the steel JIS SM490A plates product is cut, the cut surface should be inspected for defects such as cracks and slag inclusions, usually by appearance inspection; 2. On the cut workpiece, information such as name, number, etc. should be marked, including component specifications, component materials, etc., so that it can be clear at a glance.

In production and operation, the company always attaches great importance to product JIS SM490A plates quality. Product quality is stable, performance index is superior, after-sales service is in place, the company's products have been exported to the United States, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other countries and regions, occupying a large part of the overseas market JIS SM490A plates. And a large number of famous enterprises at home and abroad have formed a solid strategic partnership with the company.

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