S235J2 carbon steel material rolling points

In order to further transform the operation mechanism, establish the operation concept of "market-oriented, customer-centric", strive to improve our core competitiveness and promote the rapid development of business; further strengthen customer marketing management, subdivide customer groups, establish a top-down, crisscross, hierarchical marketing mechanism of "everyone is a marketer", and provide for the needs of different levels of customers Corresponding services.

What is the price of S235J2 carbon steel material, spring steel? First, how much a ton of spring steel costs depends on the grade of spring steel, because different grades have different properties and prices. Second, it is also related to the market. The demand for S235J2 carbon steel material spring steel is different every day, and the price of S235J2 carbon steel material, spring steel is also changing every day. We can learn the current price of S235J2 carbon steel material, spring steel through the network and steel market information. Third, how much a ton of spring steel costs depends on the manufacturers. Different manufacturers have different manufacturing quality and prices. Generally, the price of large factories is higher, but the quality is better guaranteed.

It is easy to confuse ship plate with ordinary steel plate. What are the differences between ship plate and ordinary steel plate? First, compared with the ordinary steel plate, the thickness of the ship plate is thicker and the accuracy is better. Otherwise, it will be broken by the impact of sea water during the operation, which will bring life danger to the personnel on the ship. Second, compared with ordinary steel plate, S235J2 carbon steel material, the corrosion resistance of ship plate is more outstanding. The ship is immersed in sea water for a long time, if it does not have good corrosion resistance, then the ship plate will rust easily, and the weight of the ship will become larger, and it will also bring pollution to the sea water and cause ecological damage.

S235J2 carbon steel material annealing is to heat the steel to 30 ~ 50℃ above the critical temperature, keep it in the heat treatment furnace for a period of time, and then cool it down to room temperature with the furnace. The purpose of S235J2 carbon steel material annealing is to refine the grain of steel, eliminate internal stress and reduce hardness, improve cutting performance, increase toughness and plasticity, and facilitate welding and rolling processes. S235J2 carbon steel material annealing can be complete annealing, incomplete annealing, stress relief annealing, isothermal annealing and spheroidizing annealing.

We have our own factory, including the production and manufacturing of steel pipes, with a special S235J2 carbon steel material steel pipe manufacturer and storage warehouse. Welcome to visit our factory, we will provide customers with high quality products that meet the requirements. And has the perfect S235J2 carbon steel material after-sale service guarantee system, lets the customer save the worry and the labor.

Enterprise mission: to create value added steel products S235J2 carbon steel material and provide first-class serviceWe are committed to quality. It is to firmly establish the concept that quality is the life of an enterprise, and make it clear that quality is the decisive factor for the survival and development of an enterprise. Adhere to the quality brand strategy and strive to improve the comprehensive competitiveness with quality as the core.Core values of the enterprise: innovation, dedication and transcendence. It is a highly refined spiritual quality to our staff.

There is a careful, patient, enthusiastic and thoughtful after-sales team, a professional distribution, ultra-efficient warehouse and logistics center, a marketing team with marketing expertise, an innovative technology center with strong steel technology, an experienced manufacturing center with rigorous professionalism Quality Inspection Center, an operation team with many years of administrative management experience. Such a strong combination of teams makes BEBON a steel giant in Henan Province.

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