SA709 Gr 50W carbon steel plate sheet yield reached the leading level in China

The high strength SA709 Gr 50W carbon steel plate sheet low alloy steel, which is shorten as HSLA steel, is one of our main products. We have professional team to serve you. For any demands or questions about HSLA steel, for example, ASTM A572 grade 50 chemical composition, difference between S355JR and S355J2, mechanical properties of SA709 Gr 50W carbon steel plate sheet ST52 steel, Q345B tensile strength, Q345D steel ASTM equivalent, HSLA steel price etc. , please do not hesitate to contact us and consult.

Large-thickness SA709 Gr 50W carbon steel plate sheet, Z35 grade steel plate is a kind of extra-thick steel plate that is applied under specific environmental conditions, such as the key parts such as the turbine seat ring and guide vane of the generator set. It has high requirements for safety, reliability, and long service life. Develop 200mm-300mm thick steel plate of Z35 level, to ensure that the layer tear resistance reaches Z35 level. 300mm thick Z35 grade steel plate can be used not only in the hydropower industry, but also in the manufacture of other large key equipment, and has broad prospects.

High strength steel is mainly used in offshore engineering, lifting equipment, construction machinery, container storage tank and other important steel structures with harsh working conditions, hoping to reduce weight. The application of SA709 Gr 50W carbon steel plate sheet, high strength steel can not only reduce material cost, transportation cost and production cost, but also save welding material consumption, welding work hour; reduce post welding stress, preheating temperature and post weld heat treatment requirements.

On the whole, on the one hand, under the support of better macroeconomic expectations and high costs, macro funds have disturbed the futures market from time to time and promoted the phased rise of SA709 Gr 50W carbon steel plate sheet prices. On the other hand, the current steel market's actual demand performance is average, and once SA709 Gr 50W carbon steel plate sheet prices rise too quickly, there will be fear of heights. In the short term, SA709 Gr 50W carbon steel plate sheet prices may fluctuate strongly.

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