1500 * 3000mm JIS carbon steel SM490C CS plate with low price

Strip steel is coiled and curved steel plate, which is different from common steel pipes and steel plates. Strip steel has obvious characteristics. First, it is thin and easy to curl, which is convenient for logistics and transportation. Second, the surface quality of JIS carbon steel SM490C CS plate, strip steel is good, the luster is bright and it has good flexibility. Third, the strip steel is easy to process. When you need to use it, you only need to straighten the bent part and you can directly process it. Fourth, the precision is high, and the strip steel can be made of plain carbon steel, carbon structure steel, spring steel, tool steel, stainless steel, etc.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been closed in recent years, and Pohang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. closed its overseas processing center in Italy, Malaysia, Philippines and India. At the request of the Italian government, all production activities will be stopped except for the necessary JIS carbon steel SM490C CS plate products. POSCO-ITPC, an Italian stainless steel cold rolling mill near Verona in northeast Italy, is scheduled to close from March 26 to April 3.

Under the action of the roller and the plug, a cavity is formed in the blank, which is called the blank. Then send it to the automatic tube rolling machine to continue rolling. Finally, the wall thickness of the whole machine is equalized and the diameter is calibrated by the sizing machine to meet the specification requirements. It is an advanced method to produce JIS carbon steel SM490C CS plate, hot-rolled seamless steel tube by continuous rolling mill.

Q420q material is a kind of structural steel plate for bridges, and there are three quality levels Q420qD, Q420qE and Q420qF. When the Q420q plate is required to have the performance in the thickness direction, the symbols Z15, Z25, Z35 representing the performance level in the thickness direction are added after the above-mentioned grades. Namely Q420qDZ15, Q420qDZ25, Q420qDZ35, Q420qEZ15, Q420qEZ25, Q420qEZ35, Q420qFZ15, Q420qFZ25, Q420qFZ35.

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