Hot rolled SM520C carbon steel plate sheet exported to Indonesia

The company adheres to the SM520C carbon steel plate sheet external market, internal management, quality and efficiency oriented development path, and has achieved good economic and social benefits. With strong financial strength, advanced management experience, excellent sales service, strict quality management system and scientific overall marketing means, we will work hand in hand with you for common development. We are making all efforts working on the optimization of SM520C carbon steel plate sheet quality and price and best service for all our customers.

The main cause of laminar tear is the presence of lamellar sulfide, lamellar silicate or large amounts of lamellar alumina inclusions in the same plane in the SM520C carbon steel plate sheet steel, which may lead to the decrease of Z-direction plasticity and the occurrence of stepped laminar tear along the rolling direction of the steel.

Company through its own SM520C carbon steel plate sheet website, multimedia, radio, newspapers, the group, the handbook of the corporate culture carrier, approved and publicity column, in-depth to carry out enterprise culture construction, also through photography, painting, calligraphy, cartoon, speech, and the songs of the enterprise design, various cultural and sports activities to carry out enterprise culture construction.

Low welding crack sensitivity high-strength steel plate, today mainly introduces Q620CF, with three grades C, D, E. The grades of low-welding crack sensitivity high-strength steel plate: Q460CFC, Q460CFD, Q460CFE, Q500CFC, Q500CFD, Q500CFE, Q550CFC, Q550CFD , Q550CFE, Q620CFC, Q620CFD, Q620CFE, Q690CFC, Q690CFD, Q690CFE, SM520C carbon steel plate sheet, Q800CFE. It is mainly used for the production of hydropower penstocks, construction machinery, railway vehicles, bridges, high-rise and large-span buildings that require high weldability.

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