What is the weight of Q235D carbon steel plate sheet 3/4-inch steel plate

According to its surface quality, pickling Q235D carbon steel plate sheet sheet steel can be divided into I and N two groups; According to its cup protrusion depth can be divided into ordinary and deep two levels. Application: Mainly used in such as body clock case, flashlight case, instrument case, lamp mouth, automobile brake drum, etc. Steel plate size: thickness of 0.25-2mm.

According to the separate performance report released by India's Jindal stainless steel (Sisal) Co., Ltd. (JSHL), as of March 31, 2020, due to the global economic slowdown, epidemic situation, imports and other factors, its Q235D carbon steel plate sheet stainless steel sales decreased by about 10% to 600000 tons from 667000 tons in the previous fiscal year, and its net sales decreased by nearly 7% to 83.396.9 billion rupees, with the same gross operating profit (EBITDA) After tax profit increased by 22.4% to 3.203 billion rupees. The adoption of the new tax system has a positive impact of RS 220 million on after tax profits.

A type of material that uses a large amount of Q235D carbon steel plate sheet steel plates is divided into ordinary low-carbon steel plates and special steel plates, including low-alloy high-strength steels and corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant multi-layer steel plates. Ordinary low-carbon steel plates are divided into two types: cold-rolled and hot-rolled. Cold-rolled Q235D carbon steel plate sheet steel plates have good surface quality and accurate thickness dimensions. They are mostly used to make car bodies. Hot-rolled plates are mostly used to make car frames and the like.

The chemical composition of Q345D seamless steel pipe is as follows: C ≤ 0.18, Si ≤ 0.50, Mn ≤ 1.70, P ≤ 0.030, S≤ 0.025, Nb ≤ 0.07, V ≤ 0.15, Ti ≤ 0.20, Cr ≤ 0.30, Ni ≤ 0.50, Cu ≤ 0.30, N ≤ 0.012, Mo ≤ 0.10, Al ≥ 0.015. Q235D carbon steel plate sheet, Q345D seamless steel pipe has good comprehensive mechanical properties, low temperature impact toughness, corrosion resistance, cold stamping, machinability and weldability. Q345D seamless steel pipe is widely used in welding structures, such as bridges, vehicles, ships, pipelines, boilers, large vessels, etc..

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